Thursday, September 14, 2006

the Choice

“....And the Star guided the three Wise men to the manger. And the Angels were singing songs of Joy, for, the Saviour was born. He was named Emmanuel.”

Everyone of us, have our own treasured moments. Moments of Joy, depression, revelation, humiliation, liberation, ecstasy.. and so on. And yet, it is those painful moments, gruesome words that settle down deep in our hearts. There may be times, when we question ourselves, 'Why is it that we are being tested time, over and again?' And, we find no answer..

And yet, it is the way of the world to put to test every one of us. As the smith subjects the metal to fire, before it turns to gold, everyone one of us here are to withstand the heated arguements., the piercing words., but for a Glittering Outcome. When things dont happen the way we want them to, or when we want them to., we sometimes reach a point of asking, if there will ever be an end to the bad times., and if so, when?

It is at this point that we need to learn to trust God instead of focusing on the when question. if our mind feels worn out all the time, it simply shows we are not trusting the Most High. The tendency to want to know about everything that's going on, can be detrimental to our understanding of God. Sometimes knowing everything can be uncomfortable and can even hurt us.
We prove that we trust God when we refuse to worry.

God wants us to live by revelation knowledge, not head knowledge. It's difficult to get discernment if we are always trying to figure out everything. But when we are willing to say, "God, I can't figure this out, so I'm going to trust You to give me revelation that will set me free," then we can be comfortable in spite of not knowing.

Trusting God often requires not knowing how God is going to accomplish what needs to be done and not knowing when He will do it. We often say, God is never late, but generally He isn't early either. Why? Because He uses times of waiting to stretch our faith in Him, and to bring about change and His understanding in our lives.

Looking at it like this, it is easy to see how timing plays an important part in learning to trust God. If He did everything we asked for immediately, we would never grow and develop. So, trust in God for He knows whats best for you.

Are we prepared to make this life-changing decision?

Lets give this a thought, to see if we would say, Yes!!

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Namratha said...

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